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Abandoned HospitalRolePlay

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Play Abandoned HospitalRolePlay Roblox Game - Explore an abandoned hospital with an eerie and terrifying atmosphere and encounter ghosts and spirits. Courage and perseverance are needed to get through. Update: New room, fix camera.

This is an abandoned hospital with an eerie and terrifying atmosphere. Explain: Private servers cannot increase points. /ghost+id: Become the ghost of this id.

Are you brave enough to explore an abandoned hospital? Abandoned HospitalRolePlay is a unique game that will test your courage and perseverance as you navigate through the eerie and terrifying atmosphere. You will encounter all kinds of ghosts and spirits and will need to be alert and ready for anything.

The game has recently been updated with a new room and a fix for the camera. This will allow for a more immersive experience as you explore the abandoned hospital. You will need to be brave and have courage if you want to get through alive.

The game also features a unique mechanics that allow you to interact with the environment. You can pick up items, open doors, and more as you try to make it out alive. With its immersive atmosphere and challenging gameplay, Abandoned HospitalRolePlay is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. So, are you ready to face the horrors of the abandoned hospital? Play Abandoned HospitalRolePlay now and find out!

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We have entered this school. The atmosphere here is very eerie, we need to play ordinary students or teachers here, but we must not go to the second floor!

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Abandoned HospitalRolePlay Statistics

👻This is an abandoned hospital with an eerie and terrifying atmosphere.

Here, you will encounter all kinds of ghosts and spirits, and you will need courage and perseverance to get through.🏥

🛠️Update: Add Toilet Man(/ghost 16-18).

Game chat command:

/re: Avatar reset

/ghost: Become a ghost randomly.

/hide: Avatar hidden.

/unhide: Avatar unhide.

/setweather+id: Set weather(Join group and like to use)

Current ID range: 1~19

/ghost+id: Become the ghost of this id.

Current ID range: 1~18

Explain: Private servers cannot increase points.

First-person play is the best.

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