Roblox Town and City Games

Find the best Roblox Town and City Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Town and City Games to join.

Berry Avenue RP Roblox Game
⭐ Welcome to Berry Avenue! Choose from a wide selection of stylish houses, cool cars & roleplay items to enhance your experience! A place to roleplay, hang out and explore!
Metro Life ️ City RP Roblox Game
️ The airport is now open! We've made various other optimizations to further enhance your gaming experience! Take an airborne adventure by soaring through the skies above the city!
Livetopia Gym Roblox Game
FitFusion Center is open for business! Please thumbs-up and favorite ⭐ if you enjoy the game. Choose your own roles, outfits, and jobs to roleplay!
Emergency Hamburg Roblox Game
‍️ Enforce the law, respond to emergency calls, and arrest criminals as a police officer. ️ Drive around the beautiful city of Hamburg and socialize with others as a citizen.
Redcliff City RP Roblox Game
Socialize, meet new friends, be whoever you want, and most importantly, do whatever you want in Redcliff City! Enjoying the game? Own and live in lavish houses!
Mad City: Ch.2 Roblox Game
Welcome to Mad City! Get ready for an epic journey in Mad City! Dive deep into our latest update!
BayView RP Roblox Game
Join Rhyles Group for Updates and for upcoming games! It's a small town and a friendly town - there's always somebody to welcome you.
City Life Roblox Game
Update 6. Support development and give us suggestions for updates by joining Simple Games! Work as a Firefighter , Police Officer ‍️, Cook ‍, Cleaner , and many more!
MANSIONSeaboard City RP Roblox Game
New Hillside Mansion is available! Jump into the Dettol Hygiene Quest portal to defeat them and return to claim your Hygiene Quest Jetpack!
KeyWest RP Roblox Game
️Welcome to Key West! take a ride around the island in your car, shop and work on the island. This is a warm and friendly small island town.
Destroy a City Roblox Game
Destroy a city! UPDATE: I'm working on separating the map into several regions to reduce lag so I can add more stuff. There will be a teleport to the old version of the map at the spawn for those who want it.
️ RoVille Roblox Game
Become a student at school, go to the hospital, invest at the bank, eat at a restaurant, enjoy driving and more! RoVille is an open-world multiplayer life simulation game where players can work one of many jobs, build their dream home and socialize with other players!
Jiafei's aesthetic flop town ft nicki minaj Roblox Game
tags: slay, city, yass, purr, baddie, area 51, ariana grande, material girl, yassified, yassification, high heels, LOL DressUp!
Countryball World Roblox Game
9. Build your creations and show them to others, or reenact historical events with your friends, or take over the world on the Paintable Map.
Pacifico 2: Playground Town Roblox Game
Pacifico 2: Playground Town is a social, driving, sandbox-style, and roleplay (RP) experience. Enjoy your stay! Play your way! A variety of free vehicles and homes are available to you.
Tiny Town Tycoon Roblox Game
️ Build up your town into a thriving metropolis!! Please thumbs up so I know youre enjoying the game! Are you a good mayor? Join the group!