Roblox Horror Games

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3008 Roblox Game
Welcome to 3008, the unusually large furniture store. Wander through the vast horror land of home hardware located within 3008-1. Build a base, survive from employees.
Deepwoken Roblox Game
>> Deepwoken is a difficult game with permanent character loss. Losing characters is a part of the game that should be expected. Desperately try to escape the horrors that lurk just beneath the waves.
Horror Tycoon Roblox Game
Welcome To Horror Tycoon, Choose Your Character and Build Your Tycoon. Join the The Tycoon Games to unlock exclusive cash and items in-game!
Horrors Tycoon Roblox Game
Welcome to Horrors Tycoon. Have fun in a private server with friends for no cost at all. To support us, simply Like, ⭐ Favorite the game.
Faithless (Horror) Roblox Game
Story driven retro horror experience based on Faith videogame and The Exorcist movie. "In some religions, an exorcist is a person who is believed to be able to perform the ridding of demons, ghosts or other supernatural beings who are alleged to have possessed someone or something.
Before Truth Roblox Game
Game Powered by Eagle Studios . Tags: Horror, Abandoned, Lost, Mystery, Spooky, Terror, Scary, Creepy, The Asylum. You are asked to investigate a case listed as mysterious disappearance/ murder.
ELMIRA Roblox Game
You fall asleep on the bus during a school trip. You wake up in the dead of the night to find everyone missing, with only an old hospital in sight...
Daycare (Story) Roblox Game
What a lovely time to stay at the daycare with friends ... Join the Parwaz Studios group for a free toy and pet ingame! Be sure to like and favourite this game if you enjoyed it!
Kampong Horror Roblox Game
A made in Singapore, Nusantara & Islamic mixed horror game. Developed by Muslixm Malay Singaporean (@ifqksz). Best experience with high quality on PC & solo.
(Unlimited Stamina 50% OFF!!) Eyes The Horror Game Roblox Game
Welcome to one of the scariest mansions ever. Game Group: https://www. 41 : https://devforum. Version: 1. roblox. roblox.
Murder Mine Roblox Game
After communications with an active mine site mysteriously stopped you are sent to figure out why, but the answer you find is much darker than previously expected.
Floppy's Playtime! Roblox Game
15 years ago, a tragic accident broke out at Floppy's. Everybody disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only a single clue. Work with your teammates and find the flower in this puzzle horror game!
Akumu Roblox Game
Today, we are starting to revamp the whole Akumu game with a new name and stories. I will appreciate your patience with a new major update.
Minutes Remain Roblox Game
Unique horror game where a random event happens every minute. Make sure to follow to get future updates! Headphones are highly recommended.
Toca Boca RP Online Roblox Game
Tags: Toca Boca, Roblox, Hello Neighbor, Hello Neighbour, Horror, Best game, Event, Original, piggy, Elevator, Roleplay, fun ea...