Bloodful (OFFICIAL RELEASSE) Roblox Game


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Play Bloodful - Enjoy the official release of Bloodful and like it if you enjoy the game. Experience many bugs and challenges while playing this game.

Welcome to bloodful!

Are you ready to explore the world of Bloodful? This game is the official release of a unique and exciting experience. You will be able to take on exciting battles against powerful enemies and bosses. As you progress, you will encounter many bugs and challenges that you must overcome. With each battle, you will become stronger and able to take on even tougher enemies. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Bloodful and become the strongest player to ever live!

Bloodful (OFFICIAL RELEASSE) Statistics

Welcome 👋 to bloodful!

⚠If any bugs,glitched encountered be sure to report them in the group so the dev team can fix it⚠

The game uses modified us2 system








Shoot(Hold where you want to shoot then press the fire button)

Crouch (Button coming soon)

Grab (Button coming soon)

Throw (Button coming soon)

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