CATASTROPHIA Survive! Roblox Game


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Play CATASTROPHIA Survive! - Explore, hunt animals, farm, craft, fight, invite friends to build a base and save your house and backpack in this exciting roblox game.

UPDATE! Explore, hunt animals, farm, craft, fight! This game saves your house and backpack! Invite friends to build a base together!

Are you ready to explore the world of CATASTROPHIA Survive? This exciting roblox game gives you the opportunity to do just that. You can hunt animals, farm, craft, and fight your way through the game. Plus, you can invite friends to build a base together and save your house and backpack. The game also saves your progress so you can come back and continue playing later. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of CATASTROPHIA Survive and become the strongest player to ever live!

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πŸŽ’ no more logging off 😴 with loot!

πŸ₯΅ RedMoon monsters πŸ‘» and FireWolves 🐺

πŸ”“ door lock for πŸ— private rooms!


This game saves your house and backpack! (Buildings decay if not used.)

Invite friends to buildβš’ a baseβ›ͺ together! Explore, hunt animals, farm, craft, fightβš”! Come back to rule the server✌!

RUST Legacy is not dead!


New players have 3 lives and:

* have a green BALLOON in hand

* do not drop loot

Building advice:

* doors open to you and friends listed on the Protection Sign

* max 4 Protection Signs

* use Repair Hammer to remove ill-placed walls

* don't forget a roof

Raiding advice:

* wooden door takes 2x dynamite to break, metal door 4x

* hitting doors with a rock is a waste of time

Cheaters will be banned!

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