Counter Blox: Source 2 Roblox Game

Counter Blox: Source 2

Rated 3.7 by 2,360 players

Play Counter Blox: Source 2 Roblox Game - Experience realistic graphics and open cases for every weapon. Trade with other players and explore different maps from 2021.

Play old Counter blox with all skins! X5 MONEY!

Are you ready to experience Counter Blox: Source 2? This game is the first of its kind with realistic graphics and an exciting new experience. You can play from 2021 on different maps, open cases for every weapon, and trade with other players. Plus, you can customize your character with different accessories and colors. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Counter Blox: Source 2 and explore the maps from 2021!

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CB with REALISTIC graphics for the first time! Play CB from 2021 on different maps! Open cases for EVERY weapon! TRADE with other players!

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Counter Blox: Source 2


Play old Counter blox with all skins!




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