Da Uphill Roblox Game

Da Uphill

Rated 3.8 by 1,415 players

Play Da Uphill - Climb, control, shoot, stomp and sprint your way to the top in this intense action-packed roblox game.

Controls: (X - macro) (RC - ads) (LC - shoot) (E - stomp) (CTRL - crouch) (SHIFT - sprint) Join Our Server Below...

Ready to take on the challenge of Da Uphill? This intense roblox game will have you climbing, controlling, shooting, stomping and sprinting your way to the top. You'll need to be quick and agile to survive, as you face off against enemies and powerful bosses. With plenty of levels to explore, you'll never be bored. Join our server below and start your adventure today!

Da Uphill Statistics

Controls: (X - macro) (RC - ads) (LC - shoot) (E - stomp) (CTRL - crouch) (SHIFT - sprint)

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