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Dragon Soul

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Play Dragon Soul and find Roblox codes - Roblox's new legendary open world Dragon Ball inspired game (2023) with a PVP mode now available. Quest line and new level cap out now! Experience the bugs and join the adventure.

Dragon Soul codes below!

New code @ 180k likes. Play on PC, Mobile, Xbox and PS4/PS5 THIS GAME IS STILL IN DEMO! Eat sleep Dragon Soul repeat. Dragon Balls coming out soon.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Dragon Soul? This Roblox game is a unique take on the classic Dragon Ball genre, offering players an open world environment to explore and intense battles to fight. The game is still in demo mode, with 20% of the game ready for release. This means that you can expect to experience some bugs while playing. However, you can also enjoy the new PVP mode, the quest line and the new level cap. So what are you waiting for? Join the adventure of Dragon Soul and become the strongest player to ever live!

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Dragon Soul codes below!

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New code @ 180k likes. (Free codes: RADRIBBON, DRAGONSOUL, 160KLIKES)

❄️ X2 WEEK IS LIVE. Level up twice as faster❄️

❄️ Limited time White Fur SSJ4 is out❄️

New update

- Limited time White Fur SSJ4 (4 tiers)

- New boss (evolves into Santa, Snowkids or GIANT Snowman)

- New sweater, goodies bag, and Santa's outfit

- 4 new moves (for Vegoto, Gegoto, Dark Scythe, and Yamka)

- Gamepass gifting has been FIXED (GP is also available for buying)


- M to open menu

- E to lock on a target

- R to transform / hold R to de-transform

- Click to punch

- C to charge ki

- F to block attacks

- Double space to fly (shift to fly faster, control to descend)

- V to ki blast

- Press Q after using moves to teleport behind your target Roblox's new legendary open world, anime style + rpg fighting game!

Eat sleep Dragon Soul repeat. Dragon Balls coming out soon. <3 Anime. Play on PC, Mobile, Xbox and PS4/PS5 THIS GAME IS STILL IN DEMO! 55% READY FOR BETA

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