Escape McDonalds Obby Parkour! Roblox Game

Escape McDonalds Obby Parkour!

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Play Escape McDonalds Obby Parkour! Roblox Game - Take on the challenge of escaping from McDonalds, avoiding Grimace and Ronald McDonald along the way. Test your agility and speed with this intense obby parkour game!

Escape McDonalds Obby Parkour! The grimace shake obby and mcdonald's obby parkour oby obey easy obby. JOIN our group for special perks in-game: https://www.

Are you up for the challenge of Escape McDonalds Obby Parkour? This game puts you in the shoes of a daredevil trying to escape from McDonalds while avoiding Grimace and Ronald McDonald. You'll have to be quick and agile as you make your way through the grimace shake obby and the mcdonald's obby parkour oby. With every level, the challenge gets more intense, so make sure you're prepared! Join the world of Escape McDonalds Obby Parkour and prove your worth!

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🍟Escape McDonalds Obby Parkour!

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Hello and welcome to Fast Food Obby: escape mcdonalds obby parkour, in this obby you'll need to escape the mcdonald's restaurant, the manager has gone crazy and you need to go through the obstacle course and reach the end of the obby! this is a easy obby and not a hard obby! Watch out for Grimace and Ronald McDonald! Grimace Shake is available too. The grimace shake obby and mcdonald's obby parkour oby obey easy obby. Thanks for playing!!!

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