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Fabled Legacy!

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Play Fabled Legacy - Update 2.3.0 with 10M Visits Event & New Cosmetic Store - Get +1 Item Drop From All Dungeons & Global 2x XP with Codes 18KLIKES, 10MVISITS.

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️ Welcome to Fabled Legacy! This is a dungeon crawler game where the aim is to battle your way through dungeons and obtain stronger armours and weapons.

Fabled Legacy is an adventure game with a unique twist. Players can explore a wide variety of dungeons and battle enemies in an effort to uncover the mysteries of the world. With the recent update, players can now experience a 10M Visits Event and a new Cosmetic Store.

The Cosmetic Gem Store allows players to customize their characters with special gems that can be equipped and exchanged. With these gems, players can give their characters a unique look and further enhance their journey. In addition, players will also get +1 Item Drop From All Dungeons and Global 2x XP.

With the 10M Visits Event, players can receive special rewards as they reach certain milestones. This event is sure to keep players engaged and give them something to look forward to as they continue their journey.

To top it all off, players can also use the codes 18KLIKES and 10MVISITS to receive additional rewards. With these codes, players can gain access to exclusive items, such as special items and gems.

So, if you are looking for an adventure game that will keep you entertained, then Fabled Legacy is the perfect game for you. Join the world of Fabled Legacy and uncover the mysteries of the world!

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⚔️ Welcome to Fabled Legacy! This is a dungeon crawler game where the aim is to battle your way through dungeons and obtain stronger armours and weapons. Grab your friends and delve into the depths of the dungeons and discover secrets. ⚔️

⭐ Update 7.4.0

❄️ Christmas Event

✨ 2x EXP & 1.5x Luck

⛏️ Rebalancing


🎁 Next code at 50,000 Likes

🔥 Join the Roblox group for an extra daily quest and item from daily rewards!

✨ Premium Players get more rewards from the AFK Chamber

⛏️ Game Version 7.3.0

❓ How to Play

- Create Dungeons from the lobby

- Defeat enemies in the dungeon to gain EXP and loot

- Take on more difficult dungeons for better loot

Tags: Dungeon, Dungeon Crawler, RPG, Fantasy, Loot, Treasure

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