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Great Sword Simulator

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Play Great Sword Simulator Roblox Game - Use code 'THANKYOU','LIKES10','LIKES50','LIKES100'! Enjoy 5000 Likes: New code, New free UGC. Update 2!

Use code'THANKYOU','LIKES10','LIKES50','LIKES100','LIKES500','LIKES2000','LIKES5000'! Welcome to Smash Great Sword Simulator! 7000 Likes: New code & New free UGC.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Great Sword Simulator? This game allows you to use swords and battle against enemies and powerful bosses. You can use the code 'THANKYOU','LIKES10','LIKES50','LIKES100' to get free rewards and updates. With the recent update, you can now enjoy 5000 Likes: New code, New free UGC. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Great Sword Simulator and become the strongest player to ever live!

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Use code'THANKYOU','LIKES10','LIKES50','LIKES100'! Welcome to Smash Great Sword Simulator! 5000 Likes: New code. , New free UGC. UPDATE 2.

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🎁 Use code'THANKYOU','LIKES10','LIKES50','LIKES100','LIKES500','LIKES2000','LIKES5000'!

👍 7000 Likes: New code & New free UGC.


Welcome to Smash Great Sword Simulator! 🌟

How to play:

- Train to get Power 🏋️

- Smash enemies for Wins 💥

- Summon heroes to fight for you 🧙‍♂️

- Defeat the powerful boss 👾


-New Code: LIKES5000 🎉

-Add 1 New Zone 🗺

-Add 5 New Heros 🦸

-Add 2 New Weapons 🗡

-Add 2 New Trails ☄

-Increase Great Swords Damage 💪

Tags: Monster, Dragon, Boss, Fight, Sword, Defeat, Friends, Fun, Click, Fast, Hero, Pets, Arm, Rainbow, Smash, Rebirth, Energy, Toilet, Shoot, Simulator, Friends, Anime

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