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Play Islands - Create your own island, build huge farms, raise animals, sell items, loot monsters and bosses, cook tasty delicacies and more! Sprint, drop item, lock camera, use skills, and more in this roblox game.

And more!

Are you ready to explore the world of Islands? This game is a unique take on the classic RPG genre, allowing you to create your own island and build huge farms. You can also raise animals, sell items to make money, and loot monsters and bosses. And that's not all - you can also cook tasty delicacies and more!

In this game, you can use controls such as Sprint, Drop item, Lock camera, Skills page, Inventory, and Freecam (VIP or PRO pass) to make the most out of your experience. Plus, you can also use Mounts to make your gameplay even more exciting. So, if you're looking for a fun and exciting game that offers a lot of possibilities, then Islands is the perfect game for you. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Islands today and have an adventure of a lifetime!

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🔥🔥 Content updates every second week, Friday at 5:00PM PST, 8:00PM EST 🔥🔥

🌲 Build your own island

👩‍🌾 Create huge farms

🐔 Raise animals

💸 Sell items to make money

⚔️ Loot monsters and bosses

👨‍🍳 Cook tasty delicacies

🔥 And more!


[Shift]: Sprint

[Q]: Drop item

[Ctrl]: Lock camera

[J]: Skills page

[E]: Inventory

[Shift + P]: Freecam (VIP or PRO pass)

[Z or X]: Switch Arrows

[C]: Use Mount

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