Lucky block island Roblox Game

Lucky block island

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Play Lucky block island - Explore the mysterious island, discover hidden secrets, and uncover lucky blocks in this unique and exciting roblox game.

Right Click to interact!

Are you ready for an adventure? Lucky block island is the perfect game for you! This unique roblox game will take you on a journey through a mysterious island full of secrets and lucky blocks. You can explore the island and uncover the secrets hidden within. You can also find lucky blocks that will give you special powers and abilities. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Lucky block island and uncover the secrets of this mysterious place!

Lucky block island Statistics


💎 Join my group for special Chat tag and also a free Kit of items (:kit group)

🌟 Free VIP Servers, Builds auto-save

🗺️ Explore a never-ending world with your friends

⚔️ Fight other players and survive to your best ability

🌲 Mine different materials such as dirt, stone, wood


Right Click to Place

Left Click to Break

Press E to See Inventory

Left Control to Sprint

Right Click to interact!

Press Q to Drop Items

Not Minecraft


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