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Pet Simulator!

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Play Pet Simulator! Roblox Game - Explore the world of Pet Simulator and take care of your own virtual pet. Choose from a variety of pets and take them on adventures, explore the world, and uncover hidden secrets.

The original Pet Simulator!

Are you ready to explore the world of Pet Simulator? This game is the original pet simulator game and allows you to choose from a variety of pets and take care of them. You can choose from dogs, cats, and more - each with their own unique personalities! As you take care of your pet, you can take them on adventures and explore the world around you. You can also uncover hidden secrets as you explore the world.

Not only that, but you can also customize your pet and the environment around you. You can change the color of your pet, choose from a variety of furniture, and more. You can also customize the environment, choosing from different locations and weather conditions. So why not give Pet Simulator a try and explore the world of virtual pets? Get ready to have fun and experience the joy of pet ownership!

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The original Pet Simulator!

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