ROBLOX Pocket Monsters GO ! Roblox Game

ROBLOX Pocket Monsters GO !

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Play ROBLOX Pocket Monsters GO ! - Join the world of Pokemon GO on Roblox and explore the world of Pokémon. Catch, battle, and train to become the strongest Trainer to ever live!


Are you ready to explore the world of Pokémon? ROBLOX Pocket Monsters GO! is the perfect game for Pokémon fans who are looking for an adventure. This game allows you to join the world of Pokémon GO on Roblox and become the strongest Trainer to ever live. You can catch, battle, and train to become the strongest Trainer to ever live.

You can explore the world and find hidden secrets that are only revealed during certain times of day. As you explore, you can battle against other Trainers and level up your Pokémon to become more powerful. You can also find items that can help you during your adventure, such as potions and Pokéballs.

The game also features an updated log that keeps track of your progress. You can track your progress and see how far you've come. With the updated log, you can see how many Pokémon you've caught and how many battles you've won.

So what are you waiting for? Join the world of ROBLOX Pocket Monsters GO! and become the strongest Trainer to ever live. The world of Pokémon awaits you!

ROBLOX Pocket Monsters GO ! Statistics



🥚 New Eggs (recieve from MonsterPosts) 🥚

🎁 New Gifts Design 🎁

🎌 Team Overhead Gui 🎌

⌛No Capture Cooldown Gamepass Added ⌛

🐛 Various Bug Fixes 🐛

✨350K Visits (overall) - 1/12

🌟300K Visits (overall) - 1/11

✨250K Visits (overall) - 1/9

🌟200K Visits (overall) - 1/7

✨150K Visits (overall) - 1/5

🌟100K Visits (overall) - 1/2

✨50K Visits (overall) - 12/1

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