Robot War Roblox Game

Robot War

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Play Robot War Roblox Game - Dash ‍️ and fight against robots in this intense demo game. Test your skills and reflexes as you battle against robots and try to survive the Robot War.

Q - Dash ‍️. RB - Dash ‍️.

Are you ready to face the Robot War? This intense demo game gives you the chance to battle against robots in an effort to survive. With the Q and RB buttons, you can dash around the battlefield and take out your enemies. Test your skills and reflexes as you fight against robots and try to survive the Robot War. With intense battles, you can prove your worth as a fighter and survive the Robot War. So what are you waiting for? Join the Robot War and become the strongest fighter ever!

Robot War Statistics

💐 Welcome to the robot war game 🤖!

💥 Destroy buildings to obtain gold coins 💰,

💥 Destroying the building may drop the mecha and kaiju 🤖,

💰 Gold coins can buy mecha and kaiju 🤖,

💐 Welcome to leave us a message in the group 💬!

👍 Please like us for more rewards 🎁。

💐 Premium mecha🤖

⭐ This update ⭐

🛠️ More skins and scenes 💥。

Default Controls:

Q - Dash 🏃‍♂️.

RB - Dash 🏃‍♂️.

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