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Play SandBox Roblox Game - Create fun reactions with this big array of different materials and update your game with EXPLOSIVES!!! New Materials Layout and Free Materials Added: TNT, Gunpowder, Coal Lump, Unbreakable Wall and VIP Materials Added: NUKE.

Jump into SandBox, where endless fun is just a touch away. Play around, see cool stuff happen, or go wild and blow it all up! Update Log: https://devforum.

Are you ready to explore the world of SandBox? This game is an exciting and unique way to create fun reactions with a big array of different materials. With the latest update, you can now use explosives to create even bigger reactions. The game also offers a wide range of free and VIP materials, such as TNT, Gunpowder, Coal Lump, Unbreakable Wall, and Nuke.

In addition, the game is much more optimized and bug-free, allowing for a more enjoyable experience. From sand to fire, acid, TNT, gunpowder, salt, wood, fuse, coal, coal lump, snow, ice, rock, lava, blue fire, glass, smoke, water, oil, acetone, sawdust, liquid nitrogen, gravel, metal, thermometer, virus, drain, thermometer, virus, and more, there is plenty to explore.

So what are you waiting for? Join the world of SandBox and create your own fun reactions!

SandBox Statistics

Jump into SandBox, where endless fun is just a touch away. Play around, see cool stuff happen, or go wild and blow it all up!


Update Log:

Currently Available Materials:

Free: Sand; Fire; Acid; TNT; Bomb; Gunpowder; Salt; Wood; Fuse; Coal; Coal Lump; Snow; Ice; Rock; Lighting; Lava; Blue Fire; Copper; Turbine; Lamp; Eletrecity; AND Gate; Heater; Freezer; Touch Sensor; Not Gate; Glass; Smoke; Water; Oil; Acetone; Ethanol; SawDust; Liquid Nitrogen; Gravel; Metal; Thermo Insulator; Unbreakable Wall; Fireworks; Dirt;

VIP: Drain; Thermometer; Virus; Nuke; Melter; Slime;

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