Seas Battlegrounds Roblox Game

Seas Battlegrounds

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Play Seas Battlegrounds - Support PC, Mobile, Console and battle against enemies with dash, block and ragdoll cancel abilities. Uncover the mysteries of the world in this thrilling roblox game.

Supports every platform!

Seas Battlegrounds is an exciting roblox game that supports PC, Mobile and Console. You can battle enemies using dash, block and ragdoll cancel abilities, uncovering the mysteries of the world as you progress. With its unique controls, Seas Battlegrounds offers a unique and thrilling experience.

You can also customize your character and upgrade your equipment to make your character stronger. With its wide range of levels and difficulty, Seas Battlegrounds offers an exciting and challenging experience. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Seas Battlegrounds and become the strongest player to ever live!

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šŸ“±šŸ’»šŸŽ® Supports every platform!

šŸ’» Controls:

Dash - Q,

Ragdoll cancel / evasive - Q (while ragdolled)

Block - F

Ultimate - G

Run - WW

Light Attack - Left Click

Emote Wheel - B

Certain moves can only be used above a certain % in awakening

>50% for Boef Burst

>80% for Bajrang Gun

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