Fredbear's Springlock suits Roblox Game

Fredbear's Springlock suits

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Play Fredbear's Springlock suits - Uncover the secrets of the animatronics and explore the mysteries hidden inside this roblox game.

Blocky avatar is recommended.

Are you ready to explore the mysteries of Fredbear's Springlock suits? This roblox game has lots of secrets hidden inside it, waiting to be discovered. You can take on the challenge of defeating the animatronics and uncovering the secrets that lie within the game. As you progress, you will unlock new levels, characters and more. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Fredbear's Springlock suits and uncover the secrets that lie within!

Fredbear's Springlock suits Statistics

Originally supposed to be a concept for a remake of AW's springlock suit then it turned into this game lol

Blocky avatar is recommended.


-small changes (warning on the damaged spring bonnie suit)

-purple guy death audio now works

Coming soon:

-Badge suit menu

-Flipside revamp



Fnaf by Scott Cawthon

Game by Logical448

Drawings by speedy_boi3976

Inspiration from AW

fnaf fredbears springlock diner

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