Super Toilet Brawl Roblox Game

Super Toilet Brawl

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Play Super Toilet Brawl Roblox Game - Join the fight in this new game and battle against pro-gamers and games. Fight your way to the top and become the ultimate champion of the Super Toilet Brawl.

The Multiverse will arrive, soon... USING EXPLOITS WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN FROM THE GAME! This game is very new and might have some bugs.

Are you ready to join the ultimate battle? Super Toilet Brawl is the newest game to hit Roblox, and it’s sure to test your skills and strategy. You can battle against pro-gamers and games in this intense fight to the top. With a variety of weapons and items, you can customize your character and fight your way to victory. From swords to axes, you can equip your character with the best gear to give you the edge against your opponents. So what are you waiting for? Join the Super Toilet Brawl and become the ultimate champion!

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This game is very new and might have some bugs. com/groups/33251699/Pro-Gamers-and-Games#! https://www. roblox.

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-CASES (buyable from the shop)

-Lots of new weapons

-New characters (including Elite Cameraman)

-Many minor additions

The Multiverse will arrive, soon...


-Defeat waves of toilets to gain more kills

-Once you have enough, you can unlock more weapons and characters

-Each wave gets harder and harder

-If all players die at least once during a wave, the game resets back to wave 1


This game is very new and might have some bugs. If you find any bugs, please post them on the group wall located here:!/about

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