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Toy SoldierZ

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Play Toy SoldierZ Roblox Game - Enter code 3K for +650 Play Points! Join our community server and like the game for more codes and updates! Fight against powerful bosses and become the ultimate warrior.

Like and Favorite the game for more updates! Join our community server using the social media link below! We are currently working on an update.

Are you ready to join the world of Toy SoldierZ? This game is a unique take on the classic action RPG genre, allowing you to become the ultimate warrior. You can fight against powerful bosses and use special codes to get more Play Points. The game also has a community server where you can join and interact with other players. So what are you waiting for? Join the world of Toy SoldierZ and become the ultimate warrior!

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From Creators of Pixel Gun TD, a ROBLOX tower defense game based on the mobile hit game Pixel Gun 3D.

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Toy SoldierZ Statistics

• 👍Like and Favorite the game for more updates!

• 💪We are currently working on an update. Be patient!

📜 29/06 Update

• ⚖️World 2 Easier

• 📦Block Packs Rebalanced

• 😎User Interface Tweens

• 📏Wave Progress Bar

• 🐛Fixed Glass, Broken Plots, Free Crates

📜 28/06 Update

• 🎁Daily Rewards

• 💂Dragunov Soldier

• 🌱Toy Breaker Difficulty can be disabled

📜 26/06 Update

• ⚖️Game made easier

• ⚔️Wave 41-42 Added

• 🏆Challenges

• 💂M14 Rifle

• 📦Obscure Blocks

• 👀Other Stuff

Join our community server using the social media link below!

• Full update logs

• Sneak peeks

Version: v1.3.1a


• MysteryGofferPL - Blender Models

• Gruchacz5 - Lighting, animations in future

• Toy Defense Beta Version - Core Gameplay

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