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Scary Elevator

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Play UPD Scary Elevator Roblox Game! - 45+ floors of pure terror await you in Scary Elevator. Loads of new killers, 10+ new floors, new lobby theme, new elevator theme and improved lighting!

Pure terror awaits you in Scary Elevator... ️ - This game contains jumpscares, loud noises & horror scenes! com/groups/3543123/MrNotSoHERO-Official-Fan-Group#!

Get ready to experience the most terrifying elevator ride of your life in UPD Scary Elevator! This game is packed with jumpscares, loads of new killers, and 10+ new floors of horror. You will also find a new elevator theme and a new lobby theme to make your journey even more immersive. Plus, the improved lighting will make the game feel even more realistic. So what are you waiting for? Join UPD Scary Elevator and take the ride of your life!

Scary Elevator Statistics

Pure terror awaits you in Scary Elevator...

How many floors can you survive?

🔥 - New updates frequently. Always check back!

[📝New update📝]

✅ PURGE event

✅ Lobby display changes

✅ New killer: Anarchy

✅ New killer: Liberty

✅ New badge to collect

✅ UI improvements

✅ New HATS system

✅ Fixes

Update is live in new servers only...

⚠️ - This game contains jumpscares, loud noises & horror scenes!

😊 - Join my official group for in-game rewards:!/about

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