Find The Jellybeans (100) Roblox Game

Find The Jellybeans (100)

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Play Find The Jellybeans - Take an awesome adventure through Robloxia to find Jellybeans and complete the Pedia. Join the fun and challenge yourself to find the hidden beans!

Welcome to Find The Jellybeans! ️Let's take an awesome adventure through Robloxia, the goal is to find Jellybeans to complete the Pedia.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of Find The Jellybeans? This game is a unique adventure game that will take you on a journey throughout Robloxia. Your mission is to find the hidden jellybeans and complete the Pedia. As you search for the jellybeans, you will face various obstacles and enemies. With each bean you find, the challenge gets tougher. So, are you up for the challenge? Join Find The Jellybeans and prove your worth!

Find The Jellybeans (100) Statistics

📯Welcome to Find The Jellybeans!📯

⭐Please leave a Like and Favorite to support the game, Thanks!⭐

👍 Update 12: BIG UPDATE! There are now 100 Jellybeans in the game (previously 90.) Check the group for the list of everything in this update!

🌈Users who donate any amount will receive a free Rainbow Trail!🌈

🏜️Let's take an awesome adventure through Robloxia, the goal is to find Jellybeans to complete the Pedia. I hope you will enjoy this experience! Invite your friends to play with them.🏜️

☢️ This game is new, if you notice a bug in the game then send me a message in the group, I read every day and I'll fix your issue. Thanks!☢️

TO USE RADAR GAMEPASS: Press the Radar button on the right of your screen.

TO USE FLY GAMEPASS: Press the Wings button at the bottom of your screen.

This game was 100% inspired by the scavenger hunt games series, such as Find The Simpsons, Find The Floppa Morphs, Find The Markers, Find The Memes and so many more. Credits to whom they belong.

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