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Play NEW! Skibi Toilet Survival - Buy and upgrade different weapons to defeat SKIBI and survive 100 WAVES of skibi toilet. Get 5000 LIKES for a new map!

V1. Shoot those enemies! Found a bug? 1. 2.

Are you ready to take on the challenge of NEW! Skibi Toilet Survival? This game is an exciting take on the classic survival genre, allowing you to battle against the evil Skibi and his army of toilet monsters. As you progress, you can buy and upgrade different weapons to help you defeat Skibi and his minions. With 100 waves of action, you'll need to use your skills and strategies to survive. And if you can get 5000 likes, you'll get a new map to explore! So what are you waiting for? Join the world of NEW! Skibi Toilet Survival and become the ultimate toilet survivor!


V1.4 Update Logs EP66:

- Halloween Invasion! šŸš½

- New map šŸ 

- Limited character (Ghost Buster) šŸ‘»

- New titan (Princess Titan) šŸ‘ø

- New pass! šŸŽŸ

šŸ”Ø We gonna focus now on content updates, new characters and upgrades for them, maps, enemies, waves

šŸ› Found a bug? Let us know on socials

šŸ“… Update Every Saturday

How to play:

1. šŸŽ„ Choose a character with special ability

2. šŸš½ Shoot those enemies!


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