Roblox Historical Games

Find the best Roblox Historical Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Historical Games to join.

Polish Car Driving Roblox Game
Jump into the driver's seat and embark on an exciting adventure through the picturesque landscapes of northeastern Pomerania in Poland.
Blood and Iron Roblox Game
Blood & Iron is a game centred around the legendary Napoleonic Wars. The ability to rewrite history is in your hands! Playing in first person is highly recommended.
War Simulator Roblox Game
️ 9 New unique perks for every Legend Rebirth!!! Support development and give us suggestions for updates by joining Simple Games! Join our community to vote on where our charity donations go towards!
Countryball World Roblox Game
9. Build your creations and show them to others, or reenact historical events with your friends, or take over the world on the Paintable Map.
D-DAY Roblox Game
Version 3. Now it is up to you to use strategy and different forms of combat to dominate your enemy and claim victory for your team.
Risk Universalis Roblox Game
Risk Universalis(2015) is an alternate history roleplaying game on a world map. Live out history - will you lead your country to greatness?
️ Zulu Wars Roblox Game
This game simply wishes to portray a significant historical battle, and does not support racism of any kind. Zulu Wars is a historical game based off of the Battle of Rorke's Drift, in which a small defending garrison held off overwhelming amounts of Zulu warriors.
World Conquest Roblox Game
Welcome to World Conquest! A: Simply claim a nation that hasn't been taken, and roleplay building up the military, economy, and politics.
Bleeding Blades Roblox Game
Bleeding Blades is a multiplayer first & third person slasher which features many historical battles and characters. You can report bugs and glitches (and exploiters) in our dizzy server.
Warship Roleplay | WW2 Roblox Game
Warship RP is a WW2 era social game based on a historical ship, recreated here for roleplay! Join The Naval Roleplay Community for 2X EXP!
New Haven County Roblox Game
New Haven County is the oldest settled area within the State of Mayflower. Plymouth is the County Seat, and Lander is the seat of the State Government.
Tank Simulator Roblox Game
Welcome to Tank Simulator! Fight in many different historical tanks throughout time, and become the mightiest tank of all time! Support development and give us suggestions for updates by joining Simple Games!
Ballista Roblox Game
New Referral Friend Program! Join our community and invite friends for tournaments, sneak peeks, and more! ️ Get battle ready with an arsenal of historical weapons and gear!
Musket Testing Roblox Game
Give the game a like so we can continue updates and adding free stuff. Musket Testing historical sandbox feel to do what you want.
Marque of War Battles Roblox Game
Marque of War is a community dedicated to offering historically authentic and high-quality Napoleonic gameplay. Onwards to the field of battle!
Building Architect Roblox Game
Do you have what it takes to become the best builder in the world? Make sure to hit the FOLLOW button to get notified when new updates drop!