Roblox Music Games

Find the best Roblox Music Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Music Games to join.

Teddy (XMAS) Roblox Game
A giant life sized cuddly teddy bear, but something doesn't seem quite right... I made this game as part of a series of videos on my yt channel - check them out!
H2O Mermaid Testing Roblox Game
Welcome to H2O Mermaid Testing! If you see her in game, make sure to say thank you for all of her contributions to the game! You can choose to play as a preset character or even create your own character.
Salon de Fiestas Roblox Game
Welcome to Salon de Fiestas! In this experience you can dance, enjoy music and coexist in a party atmosphere. LweeStudios members have access to a slice of cake in game.
SPLASH ⭐ Skate & Music Roblox Game
Make music, skate, vibe with friends & explore amazing worlds and venues! Make sure to hit FOLLOW to get new update notifications!
Escape Running Felipe Head Roblox Game
Update: When completing a Level, a trophy will appear in level 1. This is an obstacle course (Obby) where there are a lot of Felipe heads.
The Never Ending Train Ride Roblox Game
An infinite journey to no where! If you have any ideas or find any bugs please let me know by messaging me or by posting on the group wall!
World Tower Defense v1.6.1 Roblox Game
A different type of "Tower Defense" experience, if you can even call it that. Almost none of the music in this game is created by me!
RoBeats! Music + Rhythm + RPG Roblox Game
An unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Compete in (up to) 4 player music + rhythm + dance battles! More Loadout slots available to unlock now.
Experimental Hugs Room Roblox Game
Get and share safe virtual hugs in this experience designed for hanging out with your friends, meeting new Robloxians, and socializing.
World Random Play Dance Roblox Game
⭐ Do you like music? We are constantly updating and uploading music here so check out for the new songs. Let's go dance with the world's popular songs.
KPOP Random Play Dance Roblox Game
⭐ Are you a KPOP Fan and stan multiple groups? We are constantly updating and uploading music here so check out for the new songs.
⭐ Catalog Avatar Editor Roblox Game
⭐ Welcome to Avatar Editor! This game lets you try on any catalog item for completely free! Purchases made in-game stay in your inventory forever!
GUESTY Roblox Game
CHAPTER X OUT SOON! Controls: Left click (PC), tap (mobile), RT (controller) to open doors and pick up / interact with objects. All music and sound effects in the game are either licensed to NK Studio or royalty free and are able to be used in monetized content.
Musical Chairs Roblox Game
Hey, welcome to Musical Chairs. The rules are simple: Grab a chair when the music stops and if you don't, YOU'RE OUT! Remember, you have to rejoin after purchasing in order for them to work.
Little World Roblox Game
NEW GODZILLA BOSS! Evolve by collecting fruit, training, exploring & more! Note: In-game music & sounds are safe to use in videos.
Mean Girls The Musical | Auto-Tech Game Roblox Game
Take A Bow Theatrics presents Mean Girls The Musical! Live your Broadway dreams, effortlessly. Click a button, and start the show!