Roblox Open World Games

Find the best Roblox Open World Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Open World Games to join.

Wild Horse Islands Roblox Game
You've been invited to attend Unicorn Academy - accept the magical invitation and head over to Unicorn Island! No horses are robux only!
ONE FRUIT Roblox Game
Info: that big updates are every month, however small updates can occur at any time. Premium Player Recieve Boosts in Game! I wish you all a great game!
World // Zero Roblox Game
USE CODE "675KLIKES" FOR 150 CRYSTALS! Choose a starter class and battle your way through 10 Worlds with over 20 unique Dungeons. Defeat fearsome bosses, unlock new classes, collect pets, find rare loot and go on an epic adventure!
Forgotten Worlds Roblox Game
Welcome to Forgotten Worlds! This is an archive of games made prior to the creation of Virtuality World group. Enter a world unlike your own, explore the map as a wolf, or a trapper.
Booga Booga Roblox Game
An open-world survival game where you can explore caves, gather resources and attack other tribes! roblox. Please report exploiters to our community server located in the social links below.
Horse World Roblox Game
Welcome to Horse World! You can either adventure as your Roblox character or enter this realm as a horse. Customize your horse with your favorite colors and unlock new accessories.
Apocalypse Rising 2 Roblox Game
Find over 70 different weapons and 18 new utilities to fend off the Infected and hostile players in this open world survival shooter!
Pet Simulator Z! Roblox Game
Updates every Saturday at 11am CDT! Currently 1,000+ pets to collect! Follow for game updates! Enchant and upgrade! ️ Unlock worlds!
RoCitizens Roblox Game
RoCitizens is an open world life simulation & roleplaying (RP) game. + Work jobs as a police officer, firefighter, robber, line cook, and more!
Counter Blox Roblox Game
Take part in a 5v5 team based fire fight across a variety of maps spanning across the globe. Press B to open buy menu at spawn, press N to open menu.
Welcome to World Defenders - A Tower Defense-style experience where you're engaged in the action! Heroes Vs Villains Event is Live!
Pilgrammed Roblox Game
Pilgrammed is an open-world RPG game. You can craft guns and armor.
Blue Train With Friends Roblox Game
Welcome! Explore Sodor with your favorite characters, complete your jobs and be a really useful engine! Blue Train With Friends is a free-drive open world game!
Farm World Roblox Game
Welcome to Farm World! Immerse yourself into this new world where you can role play, hang out with your friends, and make stories everywhere you go!
Driving Simulator Roblox Game
Drive, race, and customize the world's most iconic supercars! Level up and power your way to the top of the racing world! Art and design by StuntDesigner and DieSoft.