Roblox Building Games

Find the best Roblox Building Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Building Games to join.

Build to Survive! Roblox Game
Build to survive the killers! Please Like the game to show your support! We really appreciate it.
Build to Survive Roblox Game
Welcome to Build to Survive! ️ Build anything you want and try to survive the wave of monsters that spawn every round. Like the game for more updates!
Build Tower Simulator Roblox Game
Welcome to Build Tower Simulator! Thumbs up and a favorite for more quality updates! Build a home,Survive against hordes of zombies!
Obby Creator Roblox Game
Discover millions of creations built by other players! Please be careful using Team Create as other players may delete your building.
Build & Survive Roblox Game
️Build houses, towers and anything you can imagine in this building game! Click the Follow button for update notifications! When night falls, the beasts come out to attack!
Build a Raft or Die Roblox Game
Build a Raft or DIE! Can you reach the end of the river?
Build and Battle! Roblox Game
Welcome to Build and Battle! Be sure to click the FOLLOW button to be notified when NEW updates DROP! Build an awesome base of your imagination!
Build A Boat With Blocks Roblox Game
Welcome to Build A Boat With Blocks! This game is inspired by the popular game "Build A Boat For Treasure. I also did not expect all the players and support!
Build to survive the Bombs! Roblox Game
Build up a base to survive bombs.. ️Note: There may be bugs please report bugs on the group wall and we will fix them as soon as possible!
Build Together Roblox Game
Make a castle, floating island, or mansion!
Build or Die Roblox Game
Welcome to Build or Die Tag: Lava, Escape ,Block...
‍️ Build to Survive Simulator Roblox Game
LEAVE A THUMBS UP! Could you build a cool enough base that protects you from both the mobs and the disasters? See our community outlets Join us and send your feedback!
Build a Rocket VS Mark Rober Roblox Game
New Limited Time Holiday Event is Live!! ️ Use Your Engineering Skills to Construct Epic Rocket Ships! Build Wacky Rockets with Your Friends at CrunchLabs!
Mini Cities Roblox Game
Mini Cities is a game that lets players build the greatest city on Roblox. Keep your citizens happy by building towards their needs.
Building! Roblox Game
Enjoy the game! Note:You can't see other peoples builds.
Mini Cities 2 Roblox Game
Welcome to Mini Cities 2, the ultimate Roblox city builder. 🪨 Manage your cities resources in order to construct more buildings! Start from nothing and progress your way into a mega metropolitan.