Roblox Anime Games

Find the best Roblox Anime Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Anime Games to join.

Anime Adventures Roblox Game
A catastrophic event has occurred that summoned countless threats in multiple worlds... Collect powerful, unique characters to help you fight!
Anime Champions Simulator Roblox Game
Anime Champions Simulator is an all-new game from the creator of Anime Fighters Simulator. Embark on a journey to explore the galaxy!
Animal Simulator Roblox Game
Play as Lion, Tiger, Hyena, Horse, Komodo Dragon, Deer, Gorilla, Bear, Rabbit, Rhino, Cat, Husky, Dinosaur, Penguin, Spider, Dragon, Kangaroo, Fox, Monkey, Elephant, Wolf, Axolotl, Crocodile or Snake!
Anime Ball Roblox Game
110,000 LIKES FOR A NEW OP CODE! Master new abilities, equip iconic anime swords, and show off with explosive death effects! A fast-paced fighting game where a homing energy ball challenges your timing and focus.
Anime Energy Clash Simulator Roblox Game
UPGRADE Skills! Collect all Heros to defeat powerful enemies and become strong in this epic Anime Energy Clash Simulator. ️ Like the game for updates & codes!
Anime Fighting Simulator X Roblox Game
New code at 200,000 likes! Use code "HALLOWEEN2023" for 50K Chikara, 2 Stats boosts, 2 Yen boosts and 5,000 Candy Corns! You have been summoned to the universe of Anime Fighting Simulator X!
Anime Punch-out Roblox Game
Welcome to "Anime Punch-out"! In this game, you'll step into the shoes of a KongFu master. Join "Anime Punch-out" today and let the adventure begin!
Anime Sword Fighters Simulator Roblox Game
Travel through diverse anime world! ⭐ Please consider liking and favoriting the game for more updates.
Animal Life: Forest RP Roblox Game
New: Create and assign roles within your roleplay servers! Change your animal: Click the fox head icon to go to the customization panel.
Anime Spirits Roblox Game
Welcome to Anime Spirits! Join the Anime Spirits community server below for more CODES! CONSOLE SUPPORTED + MOBILE SUPPORTED! Despawn: 20 min.
Anime Catcher Simulator Roblox Game
Collect gems and get exclusive skills and swords!
Anime Power Tycoon Roblox Game
NEW UPDATE AT 150K LIKES, THUMBS UP THE GAME! Unlock Anime Powers and build your own power tycoon️ to fight your enemies️ and friends.
Ultimate Anime Simulator Roblox Game
Grab unique heroes: Luffy, Zoro, Tanjiro, Naruto, Sasuke... ️ Unlock new islands: Pirate Island, Winter Town, Ninja Village...
Anime Skill Fighting ! Roblox Game
>>>> New OP Codes @ 5K Likes ! Like & Favorite & Follow for Updates & Codes! Welcome to Anime Skill Fight Simulator ! Engage in Thrilling Battles !
Kill To Save Anime Girl (Simulator) Roblox Game
Welcome to Kill To Save Anime Girl Simulator! Fight evil anime fighters like Goku, Deku, Naruto and more to save the Anime Princess Girl!
Find The Animals (102) Roblox Game
Find and collect animals from different parts of the world! Like the game for MORE ANIMALS and updates! If you have any cool update ideas or recommendations you want to share with us, we would appreciate your feedback!