Roblox Fantasy Games

Find the best Roblox Fantasy Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Fantasy Games to join.

Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon Roblox Game
STABLES! BARBIE and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel. Check back in for more updates including new careers and locations to build and explore!
Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition Roblox Game
Create your own Warrior Cats and roleplay in this official game based on "Warriors", The New York Times best-selling series of fantasy books.
Forgotten Worlds Roblox Game
Welcome to Forgotten Worlds! This is an archive of games made prior to the creation of Virtuality World group. Enter a world unlike your own, explore the map as a wolf, or a trapper.
Horse World Roblox Game
Welcome to Horse World! You can either adventure as your Roblox character or enter this realm as a horse. Customize your horse with your favorite colors and unlock new accessories.
Find The Floppa Morphs (792) Roblox Game
Welcome to Find The Floppa Morphs! If the game seems to be having problems then try rejoining. Do you have what it takes to find all the floppa morphs?
Heroes: Online World Roblox Game
Welcome to Heroes: Online World! ⭐ Rare skins own rare abilities which holds a lot of strength! Join the Community Server for active coin codes!
Color by number Roblox Game
COLOR BY NUMBERS!! com/groups/13091656/Smash-Games-Lab#! https://www. roblox.
Vesteria Roblox Game
Welcome to Vesteria, a massive community-driven open-world MMORPG. 30 you can further specialize into one of ten different subclasses.
Project Spectre Roblox Game
Project Spectre is a game based of the webtoon unOrdinary created by the author Uru. Credits to Flicker and Banana for their game art.
Fantasy Forest RP Roblox Game
Role-Play as your favorite magical character in a land before humans. Join our community server to send suggestions or report any issues.
Survive The End of Roblox Roblox Game
Survive in a city as it is destroyed by disasters during the end of the world. Remake of 'Survive The End of Classic Roblox' by TheAmazeman.
Brookhaven RP Roblox Game
A place to hang out with like minded people and roleplay. Own and live in amazing houses, drive cool vehicles and explore the city.
Shard Seekers ️ Roblox Game
️ Shards are falling from the sky! Join the community server for polls and discussion. Rating may be changed to 13+ with future content.
Mermaid Lagoon Roblox Game
Join the Group To Play! Interact with the other mer folk create new friends, make a new swimming buddy and more! Customize your appearance to represent who you are in human and mermaid form!
Escape The Dream Obby Roblox Game
Can you parkour past all 250 fun obstacles to escape the dream obby? New updates coming to the obby soon, so join our group to know when .
Royalty Kingdom 2 Roblox Game
️ New Phantom Tales Halloween update available now! ° Welcome to Royalty Kingdom 2! Check more info on the game. Dress up with lots of accessory options, explore the city island by driving cars, try minigames to win money and buy sets, compylete quests to win rare and special items, discover magical and scary secrets and take pictures with friends!