Roblox Puzzle Games

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Carry A Friend! (Teamwork Obby) Roblox Game
Welcome to Carry Teamwork Obby! There are many 2 player obby puzzles and levels to choose from! Help your friend help you - carry, throw or pickup your friend and press different buttons to access different areas and progress in each obby.
Teamwork Puzzles 2 (Obby) Roblox Game
Welcome to Teamwork Obby! Help your friends help you - press different buttons and access different areas to progress in each obby.
Carry Puzzles (Teamwork Obby) Roblox Game
Prepare for an epic journey in Carry Puzzles, where teamwork is the key! STINKY'S DETENTION! EPIC UPDATE!!! ️ NEW MAP: MR. Team up with your friends to carry, toss, and conquer obstacles together as you explore various fun levels.
GREAT SCHOOL BREAKOUT! (First Person Obby) Roblox Game
Welcome to.... Mr Pickle is the most unfair Teacher in the school, He's Keeping you in Detention over the whole weekend! With much more challenging obstacles and puzzle to solve, Challenge your self to the hard mode!
Teamwork Puzzles (Obby) Roblox Game
Team up with up to 3 players to solve puzzles and beat obstacle courses! Don't leave anybody behind because you will need them later.
Teamwork Puzzles Roblox Game
This game is now copyable. Teamwork puzzles is a teamwork multiplayer game where you press buttons to continue in levels! There are a combination of 2 player obbys and puzzles, including 3 player, and 4 player levels if you have more friends.
Escape Evil Barbi! Roblox Game
The world of Barbi comes to Roblox, except there's an evil twist. You will have to make your way through 25 challenging stages full of puzzles and mysteries, good luck soldier!
Identity Fraud Roblox Game
Find your way out, and solve puzzles along the way. Note: Do not trust people claiming to be an admin; they are lying. 32bitPC made this stupid game.
Drag Puzzles Obby Roblox Game
Private Servers are Free Feel Free to Play with your Friends.
Apeirophobia Roblox Game
Join our group to receive in-game perks! Brace yourself for puzzles to solve, and entities to hide from. Pixels on YouTube, some contents are from The Backrooms Wiki.
Teamwork Morphs (Obby) Roblox Game
Welcome to Teamwork Morphs! Teamwork Morphs is a game where you need more than 1 player to continue in levels and get morphs! Tags: Teamwork Obby, 2 Player Obby, Find The Morphs, Red and Blue, Teamwork Puzzles.
Trapped Roblox Game
Welcome to Trapped, a puzzle filled escape room game that might be pretty challenging so good luck! Not alot of people can escape.
Regretevator Roblox Game
Room infinity, now going up! Follow the game for updates and leave a like to help support the development of the game for free! Regretevator is a roulette style elevator puzzle game where you can hang out, look for secrets, and have fun.
Teamwork Puzzles 5 (Obby) Roblox Game
Welcome to Teamwork Puzzles 5! Press different buttons and unlock new areas together. Earn rewards and buy upgrades as you conquer puzzles.
Floppy's Playtime! Roblox Game
15 years ago, a tragic accident broke out at Floppy's. Everybody disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only a single clue. Work with your teammates and find the flower in this puzzle horror game!
Teamwork Puzzles 3 (Obby) Roblox Game
Welcome to Teamwork Puzzles 3! Have fun in the 2, 3 AND 4 player obbies all while making new pet pals and celebrating the power of friendship!