Roblox War Games

Find the best Roblox War Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox War Games to join.

War Tycoon Roblox Game
Sale + 2X Cash Weekend! Build up your Tycoon and start a war with an arsenal of weapons and vehicles! Join our group for a free FAMAS Rifle and Gun Camo!
Underground War 2.0 ️ Roblox Game
Welcome to classic game Underground War 2. ️ Dig Tunnels, ️ Sword Fight, or Snipe Enemies With a Rifle to WIN! Credits: https://devforum.
Flag Wars! Roblox Game
NEXT CODE AT 355K LIKES! Inspired by Stickmasterluke's iconic "Underground War" game! ️ Protect your teams flag from being captured!
War Simulator Roblox Game
️ 9 New unique perks for every Legend Rebirth!!! Support development and give us suggestions for updates by joining Simple Games! Join our community to vote on where our charity donations go towards!
War Age Tycoon Roblox Game
Latest Update: 1/11/23 -> Domination points! Evolve your clones through 9 unique time periods to upgrade your massive military base!
IQ Wars Simulator Roblox Game
Welcome to IQ Wars Simulator! ️ Use code 'Release' and LIKE the game for OP Rewards! Follow, Favorite & Like For Game Updates! Become The Smartest Person Alive!
Streetz War 2 Roblox Game
Welcome to Streetz War 2 ! So remember to be RP , dont RK for a better experience! The game have a variety of possibility you can be a Policeman , criminal or just a civilian , the map is very realistic with a Police Station , Dealership , Turfs...
Skibidi War - Epic Tower Defense Roblox Game
In the war between the Toilets and humans, humans are on the brink of extinction. The revived units' HP is 1/3 of its original Max HP.
Robot War Roblox Game
Q - Dash ‍️. RB - Dash ‍️.
Classic Airplane Wars Roblox Game
⭐️ DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND FAVORITE! Two teams fight against each other to see who can destroy each others airplane! Plane Regeneration is 180 seconds, or 3 minutes.
Toilet War Roblox Game
Welcome to Toilet War.
Tug of War Simulator Roblox Game
Welcome To Tug of War Simulator! LIKE THE GAME & JOIN GROUP FOR x2 WINS & AUTO TRAIN!
Star Wars: Roleplay Roblox Game
Welcome to Star Wars Roleplay! You can roleplay as a Republic Soldier in the galaxy of Star Wars, or join the Confederacy and raid.
Naruto War Tycoon Roblox Game
⭐ Give US "LIKE" will get more CODE. ⭐ If you like our game, please click on the Favorites.
Mineral War Tycoon Roblox Game
Build up your tycoon and unlock more areas from a volcano and nuclear facility to a rocket traveling to space! Discover Artifacts from fallen meteors and research them in your or another player's Space Base to unlock an Augment, enhancing the ability of any gun!
Cold War Roblox Game
An alternative history game about a conventional war between NATO forces and the Warsaw PACT situated in the 80-90s.