Roblox Sci-Fi Games

Find the best Roblox Sci-Fi Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Sci-Fi Games to join.

Ro-Bio Virus Injection Roblox Game
Thanks for 15 Million Visits!!! This game doesn't promote any kind of violence or illegal activities, do not take the content seriously.
Ro-63 Roblox Game
This game is similar to the original Ro-Bio. THEY ALL WILLINGLY AGREED.
Ro-63 Roblox Game
This experience isn't recommended for people under 13 years of age This game doesn't promote any kind of violence, do not take...
Ro Biotics - The Sleep Experiment Roblox Game
Welcome to RoBiotics testing facility! We are currently in version 1. 0.
Just Build Roblox Game
️Just Build is a fun sandbox game where you can build absolutely anything! Use different blocks, tools, furniture, colors and materials!
Virus Border Roleplay Roblox Game
Get ready to fight the virus! Survive the Virus Outbreak in an Infection based Military Border Facility Game! Master the secrets of science with our 20 different player experiments!
District Cascade Roblox Game
District Cascade is a sci-fi free-running parkour game, INSPIRED by Parkour on Roblox! Still a work-in-progress, with BIG plans ahead.
Lunar Will Roblox Game
In many stories, the moon is either worshipped or feared. When certain criteria are met, she may cast her will onto mortal beings, granting them her gift of power.
Space Outpost Tycoon 2 Roblox Game
Join the Mad Lads group for a free weapon! Expect frequent shutdowns for updates, bug fixes, and new features. ️ Game is new and in early stages.
World Conquest Roblox Game
Welcome to World Conquest! A: Simply claim a nation that hasn't been taken, and roleplay building up the military, economy, and politics.
Power Battle Tycoon Roblox Game
Welcome to Power Battle Tycoon. If you disconnect, you can get back to your progress in the same tycoon, when you join back in 10 minutes!
A core game (Indev) Roblox Game
Shutdown = Update (not v0. Fun Fact: Setting your language to Russian via user settings will enable a google translated version of all of the text in this game.
Ro-Bio Robot Experiment Roblox Game
We Are in BETA! This game doesn't promote any kind of violence or illegal activities, do not take the content seriously. This game does not contain blood or any realistic "Human-Like" Features at all!
H2O: Mako Magic Roblox Game
Hello and welcome to H2O: Mako Magic! At the moment, this game only supports PC and mobile devices. Based on the hit series H2O Just Add Water & Mako Mermaids.
Border Roleplay Roblox Game
NEW UPDATE - 5. Discover The Grand Crossing, an immersive sci-fi fighting roleplay game set on the frontlines of a military border.
Ghost Grid Roblox Game
Premium Benefit: Brain Network Interface (BNI) fight tool. After all, whoever controlled the network, controlled the whole world. Their goal was simple; to gain total control over the most powerful weapon in the world, the Honsenzu Network.