Roblox Building Games

Find the best Roblox Building Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Building Games to join.

Build and Survive! Roblox Game
Build a fort, upgrade, and survive!
Build A Ship to Survivor's Island Roblox Game
️ Introducing the Pilot Seat! Build a ship and sail it to the Survivor Island, or explore surrounding islands! If you want free VIP commands, join the official group.
Building Simulator X Roblox Game
NEXT BIG UPDATE AT 10,000 LIKES! ️ Certain badges don't work in private plots! Build structures with other players! ️ Show off your creativity!
Click To Build! Roblox Game
Welcome to Click To Build! Join Our Group for Exclusive Codes & Bug Reporting! Collect pets to help you collect blocks! UPDATES EVERY SATURDAY!
Building Blocks Simulator Roblox Game
If you like this game,please give us a thumbs up and favorite. You can invite friends to play together. Join us and send your feedback!
Build It! Roblox Game
NEW: 10x more themes! We partner with Roblox developers to develop, scale, refine, market, and monetize their games. Infinite Canvas is a publisher and developer for games across Roblox and other UGC platforms.
Blockate Roblox Game
The Christmas event has been released! You can use different shapes, colors, materials, and many things to build up your world. In Blockate, you're able to create worlds and build in those worlds with blocks.
Jump Off A Building Roblox Game
️ Physics, Ragdoll, Ragdoll Engine, Jump Off A Building, Fall Off A Building, Social Hangout, Adventure, Building, City, Simulation, Simulator.
Build Tower Simulator Roblox Game
Welcome back! Thumbs up and favorite for more updates! Use code "zombie" for free Coins! 2023. 11.
Build to Survive! Roblox Game
UPDATES NEW! Could you build a cool enough base that protects you from both the mobs and the disasters? Skibidi toilet, grimace shake, and 6 other new mobs are added!
Build to Survive the Robots Roblox Game
Construct your base and survive the relentless robot onslaught! This game is heavily inspired by classic "Build to Survive" games.
Build or Die Roblox Game
Build before the monsters attack! Win, build with friends, climb the leaderboard, and more! Try to survive before the monsters leave!
Build a Raft Roblox Game
Welcome! Let your imagination run wild and build anything you like and if you get lonely you can invite a friend to build with you!
Build A Ship Roblox Game
The final update to Build A Ship To Survivor's Island 3. ️ Please aware that none of your data from the main game will be here! You can play the new map here: https://www.
Build to Survive Disasters Roblox Game
New update at 1,500 Likes! Monsters can use their special powers to hunt you down, so you must fight them off! Build your base to protect yourself from monsters that spawn every few minutes.
Build Island Roblox Game
Additionally, three new modkits have been added to enhance your builds. Made with permission and help from CloneTrooper1019. Earn Robux while playing with Donation Stand items.