Roblox Building Games

Find the best Roblox Building Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Building Games to join.

Build, Fight & Survive! Roblox Game
Defend yourself against multiple monsters of different kinds, using a variety of blocks & a catalog of different weapons. What can you do in this game?
Toy Trains Roblox Game
Build train tracks, buy new trains, and build huge cities for passengers and cargo! Please take a moment to thumbs up if you like the game!
Just Build Roblox Game
️Just Build is a fun sandbox game where you can build absolutely anything! Use different blocks, tools, furniture, colors and materials!
Build an Obby Roblox Game
please 👍 and ❤️ New update More obbys to build lag reduction cyber obby and more more updates coming soon ...
Build to Escape Monsters Roblox Game
Build to Escape Monsters! A Thumbs Up and Favorite ⭐would be much appreciated!!! com/groups/7075386/RainbowCornz#! Liked the game?
Water Park World Roblox Game
Water Park World is a tycoon game in which you build and manage your own water park (or waterpark)! You can co-operate with friends to build a park together too!
Build Your Base And Troops Roblox Game
Join our group for free VIP Commands and free Admin in your own VIP Servers! Type "help" into the [F2] command bar to get a list of commands.
Classic Build a Hideout and Sword Fight Roblox Game
Welcome to Classic Build a Hideout and Sword Fight! Earn kills to unlock new swords to fight whilst expanding your epic base! This game is a recreation of the original plate building/fighting game.
Throw People And Build Roblox Game
Throw various objects and players across the map with fun physics! ️ Snap together objects to build anything you can imagine!
Whimsical Building Roblox Game
Whimsical is a building game that uses F3X Building Tools. ️Ban Appeals: Join the game and you'll be redirected to ban appeals. How to export your build to studio: https://devforum.
Build-A-Bear Tycoon Roblox Game
Build your own Build-A-Bear Workshop! Unlock new locations along the way, bring to life Furry Friends, and explore the town with your friends!
Chill n' Build Roblox Game
️ Welcome to Chill n' Build. Have fun building anything that you can imagine!
Welcome to Roblox Building Roblox Game
A rewrite of "Welcome to Roblox Building", which was a sandbox building place hosted by Roblox around 2010-2016. Thanks! This game is still a work in progress!
Building Architect Roblox Game
Do you have what it takes to become the best builder in the world? Make sure to hit the FOLLOW button to get notified when new updates drop!
Building Simulator Roblox Game
Welcome to Building Simulator! Unlock and construct new blueprints and turn them to gold as you upgrade your tools and helpers! and follow for updates!
Build to Survival Roblox Game
⭐ Please Like the game to show your support! You spawn at your base and you must build a base to Survival The Killers! Earn points by Surviving to buy Weapons & Pets!