Roblox Building Games

Find the best Roblox Building Games to play with Bloxscape. Discover the most popular Roblox Building Games to join.

Build to Survive the Zombies! Roblox Game
Welcome to Build to Survive the Zombies! Saving builds is NOT currently being worked on so don't be surprised if you can't save your base.
Building Blocks Roblox Game
Build anything you can think of! Update [7/10/23] # - Fixed issue where restricted parts were painted, like on the lamp, and torch.
Flightpoint ️ Roblox Game
If you are new to this game, please accept the fact that it is in early development. Take your time and have fun building your vehicles.
Build A Town Roblox Game
You are the deity of an island that is the home to a small amount of locals. It is up to you to build it into a great city. The Hammer and other items no longer vanish upon joining a game.
Build a Hideout and Sword Fight Roblox Game
Drop a like for the epic gamer role! Unleash your creativity, battle opponents, and earn kills to unlock better gear! Welcome to Build - an immersive game where your imagination comes to life!
Zoo Park Tycoon Build a Zoo! Roblox Game
Design your own zoo, collect new animals, and entertain your guests! In this sandbox-tycoon, you can build the Zoo Park of your dreams!
Itty Bitty City Roblox Game
Build your own mini city, design roads, and watch vehicles use them! Itty Bitty City is an open world sandbox that allows you to build the world of your dreams with advanced objects and traffic simulator.
️ Build A Noob Tycoon! Roblox Game
Your progress autosaves! Fulfil your new passion of selling noob collectibles and expanding through larger warehouses & factories!
Build It : Medieval Tycoon Roblox Game
Now all players can check their ranking in the Save Noob Event on the leaderboard! 🫵 Join the group and get special benefits! All progress is autosaved so you can resume at any time!
Build a Market Tycoon Roblox Game
NEW CODE Releasing at 50K LIKES! Unlock new items to sell and continue to build your market! Manage your own market by growing fresh plants, keeping your animals fed and happy, selling to customers, and hiring employees to expand your store!
Tower Tycoon Roblox Game
Welcome to Tower Tycoon! Build your tower and become the greatest builder in history and reach for the stars! Created by The Gang Stockholm, join our group for updates and rewards!
Building Smash Simulator Roblox Game
Welcome to Building Smash Simulator! Use code "LIKES500" for a FREE SECRET PET! Destroy the buildings and reach the end! Unlock awesome shoes for attack speed!
Construction Simulator! Roblox Game
ONLY 0. In Construction Simulator, become the richest construction manager of all time: create your empire from small houses to the most famous buildings.
In build a mansion you build a house or any type of house you want and you just build anything gather resources to build the best house and fight players to win.
Make It To The Top Of The Building! (Update) Roblox Game
Make It To The Top Of The Building! Make It To The Top Of The Building! Make It To The Top Of The Building! Make It To The Top Of The Building!
Build and Survival Roblox Game
⭐ Please Like the game to show your support! You spawn at your base and you must build a base to Survival The Killers! Earn points by Surviving to buy Weapons & Pets!